Friday, 17 September 2010

Earthshaker Guide

1. Overview
Cairne Bloodhoof

Earthshaker is a strength hero, although he should be played like an int hero. He has 3 active skills and 1 passive, with his skills he can deal an immense amount of damage (I mean like a buttfucking load of damage). His role in the game is to initiate. He is the first one to attack the enemy and tries to do as much damage as possible to enemy team and try to soak up as much damage as he can. (this means you will die alot but if you play him right you will almost win everygame).

Now lets look at some stats
  • Strength 22 + 2.5 (Main attribute)
  • Agility 12 + 1.4
  • Intelligence 16 + 1.8
He has a mediocre strength and strength gain making him a semi-tank lategame.
As you can see he has low agility and a very low agility gain, this is why he can't be played as a DPS hero. I see alot of people going Battlefury on him because they think the extra AOE is good combined with his skills. This isn't true, his attackspeed is too low for him to effectively use a Battlefury. 
His int and int gain is very low compared to the manacost of his skills. Thats why he needs items that increase his manapool. This will be discussed in the Itembuild section
2. Skills


Slams the ground with the Raigor's mighty totem, causing the ground to crack open front of him, damaging opponents and leaving an impassable crevasse for a period of time.

Raigor's signature skill is ofcourse fissure. The possibilities with this skill are endless. You can trap an enemy at almost any location, you can prevent an enemy from gettin the rune, you can save an ally by blocking him off from the enemy (just make sure the enemy is melee ;) ). Max this skill ASAP. 

Enchant Totem

 Empowers the totem resting on Raigor's back, causing it to deal extra damage on the next attack.

This skill is great in combination with Aftershock. Use this skill after you used fissure to finish off the enemy or deal some extra damage so your ally can kill him


The power of Raigor casting a spell causes the earth to shake below him, dealing additional damage and stunning.

This skill is why Raigor is called The Earthshaker. It deals damage and stuns the enemy with EVERY skill you cast, this does not include items. This skill should be maxed after fissure.

Echo Slam

 Raigor sends shockwaves shooting through the ground, dealing damage and ricocheting to nearby targets for additional damage. 

Personally I think this is one of the best ulti is dota, this skill alone can kill an entire enemy team with good timing and some luck. Just remember the more target that are near you the more damage you do. The damage increases exponentially. Don't be afraid to use your ulti to finish of an enemy when your alone against him. With aftershock it can deal alot of damage

Your skillbuild should look like this

  1. Fissure
  2. Aftershock
  3. Fissure
  4. Aftershock
  5. Fissure
  6. Echo Slam
  7. Fissure
  8. Aftershock
  9. Aftershock
  10. Enchant Totem
  11. Echo Slam
  12. Enchant Totem
  13. Enchant Totem
  14. Enchant Totem
  15. Stats
  16. Echo Slam
  17. - 25. Stats

As I said before you should max out fissure and aftershock for a maximum of damage. When you fissure try to get close to the enemy so you hit with aftershock aswell. Don't bother getting enchant totem early game because if aftershock isn't maxed it won't do much damage and the stun will like more like a ministun. You can get a level in enchant totem if your facing a channeling enemy (like rastha or doctor) to save your ally.

3. Build (coming soon)

4. Strategy(coming soon)
        4.1 Early game      
        4.2 Mid game
        4.3 Late game 
5. Conclusion(coming soon)


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