Sunday, 19 September 2010

Dota Riddle 2

The correct answer of the first riddle was...

Claire J. was the first one to guess the correct answer, congrats!

New Riddle:

When we are together we become one, we make your feet faster and the enemy's feet slower

Who are we?

First one to guess it right wins


  1. the things that you use to get the boots from the dude in the forest (i havent played in forever and forget the names lol)

  2. The other one is definitely Io but the other one isn't as definite; the riddle has a big loophole.

    Everyone with an AoE slow fits it.

    So guys like Kaldr & Invoker amongst others fit there as well...

    Please, don't let this happen with your future riddles.

  3. I think Io and Omniknight because of Degen Aura. Although Io doesn't constantly make your feet faster because that is only activated with Tether on.

    Like LiquoKeam says, a bit of a big loophole there.